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Online Group
Join our online gathering with like-minded women to help one another in achieving your goals.
Tue, Nov 17
Get Grounded Power Hour Day-Treat Tuesday November 17th at 10am!
Connect with our community via Zoom with Michelle V. Wolf and Kristine Gardner for a FREE 1-hour online workshop at 10 AM PST. Get Grounded through community meditation, values discussion, movement, visioning, and living with intention (and yes it's possible in this time too!)
Your Word. Your Value.
What is Your Word?

YOUR WORD is unique to you and guides you. EmpowHer LA want you to find YOUR WORD. YOUR VALUE. This word holds great power and importance to you. You embody it and make choices from here in every moment of every day! 


Choose the words that resonate. Wear these hand-crafted symbolic pieces as an affirmation to own your value.

Each two-sided piece comes with Your Word and a Chosen Symbol on each side. Each piece comes with a Garnett stone that will bring love and protection along with Your Word.

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EmpowHer LA is an experiential empowerment company. We focus on a 360 whole life approach building confidence through discovery and alignment with one’s core values. We believe in building connected communities through active communication, inspiration and connection.
Our product offerings are one-on-one coaching, empowerment groups, curated events, and workshops. Our value promise is to advocate for a transparent growth and development plan as an effort to increase productivity and achieve aspirational goals to attain success.

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