EmpowHer Workshop Series

Discover all the happenings at EmpowHer LA. 

Be part of the our tribe and come on your growth journey with us as we rollout many exciting workshops throughout the year.


What's included?


  • Each workshop is 2-hours in length moderated by a certified life coach.

  • All workshops are experiential by design with topics and tools supporting your growth.

  • The workshops are designed as a series. However, you can attend a selective few or take advantage of the full series.

EmpowHer Workshop Series
At The Riveter

Weekdays @10am - 12pm

Our workshop series offer various topics and tools that support your personal and professional growth.



Visualization works!

Bring your vision to life with the metaphorical tools – Vision Boarding and Journaling.


Vision boarding is a time-tested tool to help you clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life or business goal OR for a special occasion in your life, such as launching a business or starting a family. Tap into what you want by providing yourself with a daily mantra and inspiration to motivate you to get to your goals.There are no rules only ideas to bring to life. Your goal will expand as you create visual to make things more real. 


We will guide you through the process of:

  • Clarify your intentions

  • Turn your intentions into tangible goals

  • Identify one specific goal 

  • Create your personal vision board and journaling – releasing you from limiting belief to know the possibilities are endless.


Your vision board and journal will be a constant reminder of where you intend to be, reinforcing your daily affirmations and representing what you want to attract to your life in achieving your goal. 

EmpowHer Purpose is an integrated business and wellness community network of women experiencing whole life transitions while seeking personal, spiritual, and professional growth. I guide you to define your purpose and give you tools to pursue your path using values as your compass to create your vision and achieve your goals. EmpowHer Purpose offers one-on-one coaching, women’s groups, a MembHership community, experiential workshops, wellness retreats, and the new “Opportunity Knocks” podcast.

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