Kristine Gardner

Goals Coach

I am an inspirationalist, a go-getter, an educator, a listener, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a mom to three spirited boys. My mission is to Inspire and Coach women to unlock their unique gifts and use them to find their greatest purpose in this life. 


Aside from running my own leadership and coaching business, you can catch me on my favorite trails in Boulder, CO, coaching women in fitness or racing after my boys. ​I am also a Managing Director and a Founding Member with Beautycounter, helping share and educate others about the importance of clean and safer personal care products.


Over the past 20 years, I have coached hundreds of women to help them find their joy and reconnect with a piece of themselves that was perhaps lost in the many transitions of parenting, job shifts, moves, marriage and more. 

My hope is to help you discover or learn something new and meaningful in your own personal journey. Cheers to Health!


Lilan Northan

Marketing Communication Consultant, Northan Consulting

I am a seasoned marketer, communication strategist and an entrepreneur. I have 20+ years of marketing experience focusing on customer relationship management via integrated marketing campaigns. I believe in high integrity, kindness, community building and supporting people to achieve greatness. 


Throughout my career in marketing agencies, large corporations and my work in educational organizations, I have navigated through various business environments and have always found myself flourished in a collaborative, nurturing and creative space. 


As a Marketing Communication Consultant, I work with female 

entrepreneurs on building websites, creating email communications and developing social media plan with backend data integration and list management to support marketing and business objectives.

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Galite Shafer

Integrative Health Coach and Founder of HealthPhix

I have been passionate about holistic mind and body wellness since I co-founded a supplement business over 15 years ago, focusing on improving cellular health, the foundation of our well-being. When I was pregnant with my first child, I went beyond nutrition and studied natural, non-toxic living to create a healthier, safer environment for my growing family. As a mother of three very active kids, optimizing health has become more than a passion, it is my way of life.  


I am a Certified Health Coach and trained with the world's top health and wellness experts at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle techniques and over 100 dietary theories.


I founded HealthPhix to provide health and lifestyle coaching for individuals and families who want to improve their weight, performance, energy, stress, sleep and general health without adhereing to restrictive diets. Recognizing what works for one person may not work for another, I create custom programs and works closely with my clients in person or virtually to make manageable lifestyle changes with long-lasting results.  



We are Better Together!


Our team is made up of integrated experts in a variety of areas to support you in achieving your business or personal goals.

EmpowHer Purpose is an integrated business and wellness community network of women experiencing whole life transitions while seeking personal, spiritual, and professional growth. I guide you to define your purpose and give you tools to pursue your path using values as your compass to create your vision and achieve your goals. EmpowHer Purpose offers one-on-one coaching, women’s groups, a MembHership community, experiential workshops, wellness retreats, and the new “Opportunity Knocks” podcast.

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